Sue & Vanessa



We Get Real AF (WeGRAF) is an upbeat podcast about high tech and cool women. WeGRAF stands for Women and Girls in Emerging Tech, XR, AI, and Futurism. Our mission is to explore how cutting-edge science and technology impact culture and humanity, as told through the voices of influential women. We keep it “real” - because emerging science & technology present tough challenges, yet bold opportunities.  

We focus on how science & tech can be used for good. We dive into ways that future tech and innovation will influence the values that connect us globally: families, careers, health, spirit, planet, etc. Our goal is to educate, inspire, and empower. 

We’ll hear insights from women with diverse professional backgrounds and areas of expertise. Listeners who are curious about where emerging science and technology are taking us will learn from some of the smartest, most engaging women on the planet. 

Views and opinions expressed in the podcast and website are our own, and do not represent that of our places of work. While we make every effort to ensure that the information we are sharing is accurate, we welcome any comments, suggestions, or correction of errors.